Interstate 15:
Ranchero Road Interchange, Hesperia

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Traffic Alerts

- Falsework Removal Continues 12/1-12/5

- 15-minute Traffic Break on 12/4

This project is located in the City of Hesperia, California and will connect Mariposa Road and Caliente Road to Interstate 15 with a full-service interchange. Ranchero Road will consist of three through lanes in each direction along with additional turn lanes at the freeway ramp connections and intersections with two realigned frontage roads.  The project will also include utility relocations, flood control improvements, traffic signal and ramp metering, grading, drainage modifications, signing and striping, traffic handling, and replacement planting.

On May 5, 2014, construction activity resulted in a fire that ultimately consumed a significant portion of the bridge support structure, known as false work. Interstate 15 was closed in both directions while San Bernardino County Fire, assisted by Caltrans and the project contractor, fought the blaze and began to remove the fire-damaged material from the travel way.

Northbound I-15 was ultimately reopened to traffic 28 hours later at approximately 5:20pm on May 6th. Crews then completed clean up on the southbound side of I-15 just over six hours later at approximately 11:45pm.

The contractor plans to complete most of the work on the project by the end of the year (2014). Original estimates prior to the fire had construction completing by mid-October. Construction crews will be doubled in some cases to help increase productivity and reduce the overall construction window for the project.

Falsework removal of northbound direction of I-15 at Ranchero Road

Ranchero Road Interchange

Ranchero Road Interchange

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