Interstate 10: Tippecanoe Avenue /Anderson Street Interchange


SANBAG is working in partnership with Caltrans, the City of San Bernardino, and the City of Loma Linda for the reconstruction of the Interstate 10 Tippecanoe Avenue/Anderson Street interchange.

Preliminary engineering and environmental studies began in 2004. In 2011, the project was split into two phases. Phase I working on the eastbound I-10 offramp and Phase II to complete the work on the northern portion of the interchange and improvements to Tippecanoe/Anderson Street. Construction for Phase I began in August 2012 and was completed in Fall 2014. Phase II began construction in February 2015 and completes in June 2017. An event was held on May 17th to celebrate the end of this major improvement in the east valley of San Bernardino.



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Tippecanoe/Anderson interchangeThe Tippecanoe Avenue/Anderson Street interchange is well known for traffic congestion and operational challenges. Closely-spaced traffic signals, crowded streets, congested freeway ramps, too few travel lanes and too few turn lanes create significant delays in this area. The interchange reconstruction is intended to not only improve traffic flow at the freeway interchange but also to enhance traffic circulation along city streets. The improvements also will enhance access to the Loma Linda University and Medical Center, the Jerry Pettis Memorial Veterans Administration Medical Center, the San Bernardino International Trade Center, the San Bernardino International Airport, and local retail centers.

Proposed interchange design elements include:

  • Widening the freeway eastbound off-ramp to two lanes, which will expand to four lanes at the intersection
  • Building a new westbound on-ramp and off-ramp  
  • Removing the existing westbound off-ramp and the traffic signal at this on-ramp and off-ramp intersection on Tippecanoe Avenue
  • Widening the Anderson Street/Redlands Boulevard intersection to include two through-lanes, two left-turn lanes and one right-turn lane in each direction
  • Adding an auxiliary lane on eastbound Interstate 10 between Waterman Avenue and Tippecanoe Avenue to facilitate weaving with freeway traffic

During the planning and preliminary engineering phases, 15 design concepts were considered. As the design alternatives were reviewed, only one build alternative was found to be feasible. This design alternative was studied during the Project Approval/Environmental Document phase. Efforts were made to minimize the need to acquire property for the interchange project.

Interstate 10 experiences heavy traffic demand, especially from eastbound drivers during the afternoon peak hours. Heavy weaving typically occurs between the eastbound on-ramp at Waterman Avenue and the eastbound off-ramp at Tippecanoe during both morning and afternoon peak hours.

Traffic congestion is measured in “Levels of Service” (LOS) ratings from LOS A to LOS F. LOS A represents free traffic flow and high speeds; LOS F represents traffic volumes that exceed capacity and result in traffic congestion and low speeds. Currently, the eastbound and westbound ramps operate at a LOS C during afternoon peak hours. With no modifications to the interchange, service is expected to drop to a LOS F by 2035.

To place this into context, currently there is a delay of 24.6 seconds at the westbound ramps to I-10 during peak afternoon travel hours. This is forecast to grow to a delay of 106.5 seconds by 2035, if no changes are made to the interchange. Heading east, there is a delay of 21.1 seconds at these ramps during afternoon peak times; delays are expected to increase to 517.1 seconds by 2035 without the proposed improvements.

The number of vehicles using the Tippecanoe/Anderson interchange also is expected to more than double between 2009 and 2035. For example, the off-ramp from eastbound I-10 in the peak morning hours now carries 1,073 vehicles per hour. This number is projected to jump to 2,650 vehicles per hour by 2035.

Traffic accidents in the Tippecanoe/Anderson area are higher than the statewide average on both the mainline freeway and on the westbound on-ramp. Between 2005 and 2008, the accident rate was double the statewide average on the westbound on-ramp, where turn movements from both northbound and southbound motorists on Tippecanoe resulted in conflicts.

The Project Approval/Environmental Document phase of work requires a number of technical studies to be completed.

Engineering studies are currently underway and include traffic volumes, mapping, public utilities, geotechnical reports, materials reports, drainage and storm water reports, and right of way needs. Environmental studies also are being conducted to determine how the project may affect the area. These include assessment of potential impacts related to noise, air quality, hazardous materials, water quality, floodplains, community, cultural and historic properties and sensitive plants and wildlife.

Final Technical Reports and Studies

The results of these studies will be used to create geometric drawings, develop cost estimates and prepare for future phases of the project – final design, right of way acquisition and construction.

Project Schedule

The following schedule for the Tippecanoe/Anderson interchange assumes no unforeseen delays and no changes to the current funding status:

  • The Draft Environmental Document was released October 2009. Click here to see the document.
  • Project Approval/Environmental Document phase was completed in January 2011.

Costs for the Tippecanoe/Anderson interchange and related street improvements total approximately $66.3 million.  Funding sources include:

  • Federal funds - $47.8 million 
  • State funds - $2.5 million
  • Local funds - $16 million

Local funds include contributions from San Bernardino and Loma Linda and from Measure I, the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in San Bernardino County. 

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